Powder technique: natural effect and permanent eyebrow shaping

This type of eyebrow tattoo is used for permanent dyeing to achieve a “pencil effect”. The emphasis is not on drawing the hairs but on the smooth powdery pattern. The purpose of the shadow technique is to add visual volume and rich shade to the eyebrows.

Eyebrow tattooing with shading – what is it? Distinctive features of this technique

As you know, tattooing from Facefigurati https://www.facefigurati.com/cosmetic-tattoo-price/ is a procedure for injecting a persistent pigment under the skin, which allows you to temporarily abandon the use of decorative cosmetics and visually correct external imperfections. Permanent makeup by blending does not imply the appearance of hairs. Here, it can carry out a gradient transition from a darker shade to a light one (ombre technique) or use several shades at once. Result – after the procedure, no one doubts that the client’s eyebrows are natural.

Types of Powder technique:

Soft shading. It used to give additional thickness to the eyebrows visually. The procedure performed by a hardware method, and during its execution, the master can change the intensity of the pigment injection.

Eyebrow shot (or dense shading). The powder method implies implantation of pigment both with the help of a machine and by hand – using a unique instrument in the form of a pen. The dense pigment filling gives the eyebrows extra thickness without producing an unnatural effect. At first, dark pigments used for this procedure, roughly painting over the hairs around the entire perimeter of the sketch. As a result, the contours of women’s eyebrows looked unnatural, more like a tattoo on shaved skin. Over time, powder techniques improved, and today shades close to the natural colour of the eyebrows used for it. Later, other subspecies appeared in dense shading – for example, pin-up.

How the shading technique differs from the standard hair method, the following photo collage will show https://www.facefigurati.com/.

Who is powdery technique recommended for?

The shading tattoo technique is ideal in such cases:

  • if you need to give your eyebrows additional density and volume;
  • if it is necessary to paint over grey hairs;
  • if you are looking for a natural look.
  • If you want to make more expressive eyebrows and the whole face, you can make a natural lip tattoo.

The technique of “shaded” tattooing imitates pencil eyebrow dyeing. It will suit both blondes and those with dark hair. The result of the procedure is beautiful wide eyebrows as if they just made up using decorative cosmetics.

Important! The choice of pigment carried out so that it is darker than the hair colour by more than two tones. Brunettes advised to choose dark brown shades, and black dyes best avoided. If you plan to make an eye tattoo, it recommended to take the pigment for the eyebrows of the same shade but half a tone lighter.

What will be the result of this type of tattooing? Show the photos before and after the procedure.

Contraindications and restrictions

The tattooing procedure not carried out during pregnancy and lactation, and the menstrual period. Allergy to dye components can also be a reason to refuse permanent makeup, which is extremely rare.

Medical contraindications:

  • acute infectious, endocrinological and dermatological diseases, AIDS;
  • herpes;
  • tuberculosis;
  • epilepsy;
  • violation of blood clotting;
  • tendency to form keloid scars.

Seasonal restrictions

Permanent makeup not recommended in summer: high air temperature, sunlight activity, and increased concentration of dust in the air will irritate the healing skin. It complicates the process of its recovery and creates an additional risk of infection.

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