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Powerful And Effective

As the old saying goes, there’s no honor among thieves. Most pirate sites simply scrape each other to get download links to your files and re-post them on their own sites. DMCA Sender uses this against pirates by killing the problem at the source. If the download link that hundreds of sites are sharing is killed, you effectively wipe out thousands of illegal downloads per link.

Fast And Efficient

Using DMCA Sender couldn’t be any easier! With a focus on automation we can cut the time you spend keeping your files safe drastically. Simply copy and paste your links into DMCA Sender and each link will be processed automatically and allow you to track its status. No more searching for hard to find complaint forms or contact information. DMCA Sender will do the dirty work for you. No need for your own website or buggy software and plugins. DMCA Sender just works.

Trusted Partnerships

DMCA Sender works with more than just your popular upload services. We have formed relationships with hundreds of file hosts, web forums, file shares, blogs, and more to allow for simple one click submission of DMCA complaints. Our customers have taken down millions of links to date and prevented untold numbers of illegal downloads and profit losses.

Kill Tokens

DMCA Sender’s Kill Tokens are a powerful feature that allows the file host to confirm the link has been disabled for you. A kill token is sent with your request, after the host has disabled the link they simply click the token and the link will be updated in your DMCA Sender account as disabled. Spend more time on your work and less time checking links.

Email Templates

With the ability to assign email templates to each item, you can easily customize the way DMCA notices are sent for your items. You can also use DMCA Sender’s proven and professional DMCA Templates to get your files offline fast. We have done the leg work creating effective email templates for you.

Envato Marketplace

DMCA Sender is the perfect tool for protecting your Envato Marketplace items. We have worked with Envato authors for 5 years now providing the best possible platform to protect marketplace items and sales. Setting up DMCA Sender for Envato items takes only seconds!

Top Rated DMCA Sender Service

DMCA Sender is the most powerful DMCA Sender service on the web.
Protect all kinds of digital products and assets with DMCA Sender.

DMCA Sender can help you protect your code, plugins, apps, games, themes, software and more.

Use DMCA Sender to protect your songs, sound effects, and video / animation files.

You can also use DMCA Sender to protect your copyrighted photography and digital design work.

Maria Hernandez

” I have been using DMCASender for about three years now to protect my photography assets online. After trying out a free account and seeing how easy and effective DMCASender is I was hooked! We now use DMCASender to protect all of our projects! “

Maria Hernandez
Derrek Johnson

” As an independent producer keeping my music and my artists’ music protected is a full time job. DMCA Sender makes it easy as cake and the price is unbeatable. With our managed account we were able to reduce piracy of our albums by 75+ percent without having to lift a finger. Thank you DMCASender! “

Derrek Johnson
Kelly Miller

” Using DMCA Sender has allowed us to stop fussing with download sites and get back to creating great icon and design resources. DMCA Sender is a fast, cost effective solution for dealing with our piracy issues I couldn’t imagine not having this tool in our collection! “

Kelly Miller
No Fees
  • 2 Active Items
  • 20 Active Links
  • 20 DMCA’s Per Month
  • 1 Email Template
  • Kill Tokens: No
  • Sponsored Items: No
  • 10 Active Items
  • 100 Active Links
  • 200 DMCA’s Per Month
  • 3 Email Templates
  • Kill Tokens: Yes
  • Sponsored Items: No
  • 500 Active Items
  • 10,000 Active Links
  • 15,000 DMCA’s Per Month
  • 20 Email Templates
  • Kill Tokens: Yes
  • Sponsored Items: Yes
Unlimited access to the DMCA Sender system.

One of our DMCA Hunters will personally manage the items in your account and hunt down pirate links for your software, themes, apps, music, etc. Learn More