What is DMCASender?

DMCASender is a revolutionary new way to protect your online files. With the growing number of free file sharing sites it’s becoming harder and harder to protect digital downloads from piracy.

How does it work?

DMCASender has invested in technology that allows us to send DMCA notices to file hosting sites based off the URL’s submitted by our users. By simply copy and pasting links into DMCASender you can automagically send customized DMCA take down requests in one click!


As the old saying goes, there’s no honor amongst thieves. If you spend any time looking at the sources that pirate your files you will find that most of the sites simply scrape each other to get download links to your files and re-post them on their own sites. DMCASender uses this against pirates by killing the problem at the source. If the download link that hundreds of sites are sharing is killed, you effectively wipe out thousands of illegal downloads per link.


Using DMCASender couldn’t be any easier! With a focus on automation we can cut the time you spend keeping your files safe drastically. Simply copy and paste your links into DMCASender and each link will be processed automatically and allow you to track its status.


After using our service for a month we guarantee you won’t know how you made it without us before! With a little bit of your time and our proven tools and relationships with file hots, you can rest assured that your online revenue sources are safe. Sign up for a free account today and see for yourself why DMCASender is the number one tool on the planet for protecting your files.


“Items” will allow you to quickly and easily track each of your files / scripts / projects with its own independent settings and links. Think of it as a profile for each of your files that can be created in seconds.

Kill Tokens

Kill tokens can be sent with each DMCA Request allowing the file host to 1-click verify that your files have been removed for you saving you time, and letting you focus more on your actual work.

Link Browser

The DMCASender link browser will allow you to zip through your submitted links to verify their status without even leaving the site. Another speed enhancement that takes the stress and work out of combatting piracy of your files.

Envato Importer

DMCA Sender’s ‘Evato Import Tool’ will allow you to import up to 50 of your latest Envato Marketplace items in one click, all you need is your username and your up and running in minuets.

Email Templates

With the ability to assign email templates to each item, you can use your own information or rely on DMCA Sender’s proven and professional DMCA Templates to get your files offline fast.


DMCA Sender also has a bunch of great resources that will aid you in tracking down, identifying, and killing even the most popular links that pirates use to steal your files.


Fundamentally, copyright is a law that gives you ownership over the things you create. Be it a painting, a photograph, a poem or a novel, if you created it, you own it and it’s the copyright law itself that assures that ownership. The ownership that copyright law grants comes with several rights that you, as the owner, have exclusively. Those rights include:

  • The right to reproduce the work
  • to prepare derivative works
  • to distribute copies
  • to perform the work
  • and to display the work publicly

These are your rights and your rights alone. Unless you willingly give them up (EX: A Creative Commons License), no one can violate them legally. This means that, unless you say otherwise, no one can perform a piece written by you or make copies of it, even with attribution, unless you give the OK.

Inversely, if you’re looking for material to use or reuse, you should not do any of these things without either asking permission or confirming that the work is in the public domain, which means that the copyright has expired and all of the above rights have been forfeited. Simply put, if the work isn’t in the public domain and you don’t have permission to use a piece, you put yourself in risk of legal action, regardless of your intentions.

Because, beyond fair use and parody (issues for later essays), the holder of a copyrighted piece has near carte blanche to do what they want with their work. It’s no different than owning a car, a house or a pen. One can lend it out to a friend, sell it, modify it or even destroy it. In short, if you own the copyright to something, you have the same rights that you do with anything else and, in some instances, even more. After all, you did create it. It only makes sense that you would own the fruits of your labor. That’s what copyright law is all about.

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