Sustanon 250: Should You Chase Terrain?

Sustanon is an anabolic steroid intended for injection into the body (as opposed to, for example, Turinabol). It is based on an oil composition. The active principle is various testosterone esters. It is produced by the international drug company “Organon”.

The composition is represented by four different testosterone esters. Plus, it’s supplemented with peanut butter and benzyl alcohol. Versions with different dosage of esters are available.

As a result of taking the drug, testosterone is released quickly and for a long time. Due to the fact that the substances are presented in the form of ethers, their rapid absorption is observed. The drug is ahead of the action of propionate and ananthate, which are considered the benchmark for testosterone. Its development allowed significant progress in this area. Other similar remedies are shorter in duration.

Sustanon 250 can be classified as one of the strongest anabolic steroids that exhibit pronounced androgenic activity. With its intake, the athlete makes significant progress in building muscle mass. You can purchase it by clicking on the link

The drug has a gradual effect. The rise in testosterone levels is slow. This fully explains the extremely rare occurrence of side effects. In order for testosterone not to be destroyed, it is recommended to supplement the intake with Nolvadex or Proviron during the course.


Together with the reception, the athlete achieves the following effects:

  1. Erythropoiesis is enhanced, which leads to an increase in the number of red blood cells in the blood.
  2. The processes associated with catabolism slow down.
  3. Along with taking the drug, appetite improves.
  4. Muscle fibers begin to grow vigorously.
  5. Effectively affects the body as a whole.
  6. It leads to an increase in the regeneration processes, the need for which is dictated by active training.

Possibility of side effects

Almost any remedy has undesirable effects. Sustanon 250 is no exception. These effects can be summarized in the following positions:

  • Water begins to linger in the body.
  • The skin acquires an oily sheen.
  • Acne may appear.
  • Hair begins to grow intensively on the face.
  • The appearance of premature alopecia (baldness) is possible.
  • The processes associated with the production of natural testosterone are inhibited.
  • The athlete becomes irritable, up to the development of depression.
  • Premature ejaculation is possible.
  • Pain may occur at the injection site.
  • Decreased libido.
  • Liver function is impaired.
  • The development of hypercalcemia is not excluded.
  • In order to minimize side effects, carry out the simultaneous use of Proscar.


Despite the fact that the drug remains in the body for three weeks, its introduction is recommended every 10 days. Simply put, we are talking about course application. The course provides a good result. The dosage limit ranges from 250 mg (one ampoule) to 1000 mg (4 ampoules per week). If the dose is exceeded, the likelihood of side effects increases.

To enhance the effects of Sustanon, a combination of various drugs is used. This allows you to enhance the effect without the need for large doses. For this purpose, the courses are supplemented with Anadrol 50 and Methandrostenolone.

It is important at the end of the course to prevent the occurrence of hormonal disruption. For this purpose, Clomid and Nolvadex are used. After the end of the course, traces of Sustanon in the body can be found 4 weeks after the last injection. But post-cycle therapy is not resorted to immediately after the end of the course. You need to wait 2-3 weeks. During this time, the level of androgens will have time to decrease.

Side effects

The athlete who decides to use the drug must strictly adhere to the instructions for use. Otherwise, side effects cannot be avoided.

The most formidable complication of use is testicular atrophy. Therefore, the drug should not be taken for more than two months. Atrophy can be prevented by the parallel use of gonadotropin. The use of antiestrogens is also recommended.

Sustanon 250 is not suitable for women who are involved in athleticism, since signs of varilization may appear. However, for some women, this is not an obstacle at all. If they nevertheless decide to take this drug, then it must be done in a dosage not exceeding 250 mg per week. The duration of the course should not exceed 6 weeks.

Sustanon 250 is not suitable for beginners either. If, nevertheless, someone decided to take it, then a combination with other drugs should be carried out.

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