The Best DMCA Protection

With a Managed Account from DMCASender, our DMCA experts will create the perfect DMCA solution for your digital goods. A DMCA Hunter will track down offending links for you each month removing the stress and time needed to manage your piracy issues.

No Limits

Managed accounts have unlimited access to the DMCA Sender system. Perfect for medium to large size businesses looking to protect a large number of items, or if you have a large number of links that you need taken down. Combined with the human touch of our DMCA Hunter team, you can easily and effectively gain control of your piracy problems.

DMCA Hunters

With a Managed Account you will get your own personal DMCA Hunter. When you add items to your account, you can select whether or not you would like your specialist to find links pirating your content. Our DMCA experts know common sources that spread digital files and how to circumvent their use of various download services. Small or large, our DMCA Hunters can find the source of your piracy problems and take control.

Custom DMCA Templates

Your account DMCA Hunter will also check over your DMCA notice templates and suggest changes that will make your use of DMCA Sender more effective. A well written, professional DMCA notice that includes all required information greatly increases your take down rate. Let our DMCA Hunters create the perfect notice for your Digital Goods.

Save Time

Managed Accounts combined with your DMCA Hunter team take the time and complexity out of dealing with piracy. Spend more time creating the next big app, popular WordPress Theme, or recording your new EP.

Save Money

By quickly taking control of digital piracy issues you can quickly begin to see the reflection in your bottom line. Making your digital goods hard-to-impossible to find for free, you gain access to thousands of new customers looking for your content.

Save Hassle

Tracking down email address, submit forms, and hidden DMCA contacts for thousands of links is a major headache. DMCA Sender makes it copy and paste easy. With the added support of a DMCA Hunter specialist you can finally stop stressing over piracy problems.

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