International rosters in CS:GO

We’ve come a long way in gradually recognizing that international rosters can compete at the highest level in Counter-Strike. Plus, every player now has access to such rosters and even the popular csgo case, so it’s possible to choose the best options for yourself.

Wide range of talents

The most obvious benefit of building an internationalized team is that it exponentially expands the list of potential players who form your future team. The simplest conclusion to draw from this is this. Thus, the quantity and quality of potential candidates for a team looking for its latest player instantly improves as soon as a company decides to go international. It would be quite foolish to lie that communicating in two or three languages does not have a beneficial effect on the job.

Let’s even go further. When you combine players from different countries, with their own traditions, you get the widest prospects for the future in CS:GO. Everyone knows for a long time that French CS:GO pros have never been leaders on Mirage. Things are changing now, but before, most teams would have put this map at the bottom of the list and avoided it at all costs, whether it was their ban or sixth map in a row. But when players from other countries joined the roster, they brought knowledge and understanding of this map to the team, which allowed G2 to get to a good level very quickly.

Communication Barriers

Communication itself is usually the main starting point when discussing the limits of the international roster. You will only truly feel the limitations of communication in extreme situations. At the highest level, Counter-Strike is a game with such small details that one or two seconds can cost you victory or defeat. The two elements you need to combine to bring down an international roster communication are pressure and surprise.

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Under these circumstances, when something doesn’t go according to plan or when an opponent is in an unusual position or catches someone off guard, they will look for the right words, requiring extra effort, which can take an infamous extra second to ruin everything. It is worth noting, however, that communicating in a second language also has its advantages. Because of the obviously more limited vocabulary available at hand, teams tend to have cleaner communication with less interference arising from unnecessary discussions and complaints.

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