How to find new targeted followers for Instagram

Developing Instagram with more followers takes time. The real audience is attracted by novelty, exciting unique content. First of all, the account should be alive and active. Then people will start to follow the page, share with friends. You can buy subscribers at but there are other white methods.

How to promote Instagram without buying subscribers

Instagram is constantly changing, there are new technologies. Gaining the right number of live people is now quite possible quickly and without buying. The main trends of 2021 self-promotion in Instagram:

  1. Personal brand and involvement in the discussion of posts that attract more attention than the bought likes and followers of a famous blogger, a large company;
  2. A clear niche positioning, a narrowly focused profile, so a photographer of children has a better chance of promotion than just a photographer;
  3. Dynamic stories, montage of small video segments with superimposed music are interesting for modern people with clipic thinking, and boring static photos decrease viewership;
  4. Good content, memorable details that get caught in the frame and spread all over social networks.

Examples of such content could be an unusual staircase in a restaurant, a copy of the Eiffel Tower at the entrance to a building, a huge aquarium in the lobby. The option is relevant for commercial accounts. Unexpected elements attract visitors and logos, company signs get into the frame.

Proven ways to increase the audience

Increase in subscribers and without buying steadily provide communications with the target audience. A furniture manufacturer will easily find customers interested in the product by collaborating with an interior designer or construction company.

The following simple promotion methods should be used:

  1. subscribing to pages with the right audience;
  2. likes under photos of potential subscribers;
  3. non-standard comments, joining discussions;
  4. targeted advertising on Instagram.

Feedback works well by linking to Instagram posts on other social networks. On a Facebook business page, it’s easy to connect an invitation to your insta-profile. Reciprocal promotion activity chats are good at attracting subscribers.

Tips for Instagram newbies to promote an account

  • Individual style becomes the cornerstone of success. Do not copy someone else’s material, do not imitate other bloggers. Attracting users’ interest to the profile is not easy, and it’s quite easy to disappoint subscribers.
  • Don’t limit yourself to the simplistic features set in Instagram and enabled by default. Use retouching, filters, including third-party services. The most unsuccessful photos after processing can become real masterpieces and add popularity to the account.
  • It is safer for your reputation to promote Instagram using white methods, attracting subscribers on your own, than buying bots. A properly designed account with the help of mutual PR will interest hundreds of users with new posts. To gain the first thousand followers on instagram you will be able in one week.

So, we named the main ways to build up followers. Use the purchase of followers can be used in the case when you need a pretty picture. In the long term, it does not provide benefits. Mass actions will allow you to get the target audience, but the risks of being blocked are high, and it will not attract many users. If you really want to buy subscribers on Instagram, you should only use specialized services. Be sure to work on the quality of the account and promote it using white methods. They are the ones that, in the long term, will promote the profile and increase sales.

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