DMCASender Version 2.0 Online

We are proud to announce that after 5 long years DMCA slaying, we have retired the version 1 platform and released DMCASender v2.0. After many feature suggestions, and our own ideas on improving and speeding up the backend we decided to build an all new service from the ground up and keep our awesome pricing and free accounts as well.

Every element of DMCASender has been improved. Our all new AJAX enabled Dashboard makes taking care of your DMCA issues way faster, and way more efficient. We have also added hundreds of new file hosts, forums, warez sites, and more to the DMCASender platform making it even more powerful than ever. DMCASender supports more download services than any other tool out there and we can’t wait for you guys to start using the new platform. We have also built new host tools to allow users to submit new hosts and report host issues on the DMCASender network.

For the first time ever we are also offering Managed Account options at DMCASender. These accounts are for our clients who do not have time to deal with piracy but realize the profit potential of a solid solution. Our team of DMCA Hunters will personally scan the depths of the web for services distributing your copyrighted work and have it taken down.

More news, tips, tutorials, and more coming soon!